Craig Frames 314 シングルマット写真フレーム 12x12 ゴールド 559121201B25A 激安セール 12118円,12x12,/hypothetics615097.html,シングルマット写真フレーム,314,,家電&カメラ , カメラ , 写真整理・保管,Frames,ゴールド,Craig,559121201B25A 12118円 Craig Frames 314 シングルマット写真フレーム 12x12 ゴールド 559121201B25A 家電&カメラ カメラ 写真整理・保管 12118円,12x12,/hypothetics615097.html,シングルマット写真フレーム,314,,家電&カメラ , カメラ , 写真整理・保管,Frames,ゴールド,Craig,559121201B25A Craig Frames 314 シングルマット写真フレーム 12x12 ゴールド 559121201B25A 激安セール 12118円 Craig Frames 314 シングルマット写真フレーム 12x12 ゴールド 559121201B25A 家電&カメラ カメラ 写真整理・保管

評価 Craig Frames 314 シングルマット写真フレーム 12x12 ゴールド 559121201B25A 激安セール

Craig Frames 314 シングルマット写真フレーム 12x12 ゴールド 559121201B25A


Craig Frames 314 シングルマット写真フレーム 12x12 ゴールド 559121201B25A

サイズ名:12x12  |  色名:314gd 華やかなゴールド。

Craig Frames 314 シングルマット写真フレーム 12x12 ゴールド 559121201B25A

Just what I needed for a beautiful watercolor painting done by a dear 98 year old friend. The frame was a perfect fit. Love that it is lightweight and so easy to hang. Much prefer the acrylic sheet instead of glass. Some reviewers complained that the acrylic sheet wasn't clear or had imperfections--must not have peeled off the protective layers on both sides. One review said the wood frame cracked when they screwed in wire holder--must not have drilled a guide hole first. One review said the saw tooth hanger is preferred but artists and galleries never use those. Wonderful that it came with everything included. It was delivered quickly and packaged carefully. So glad I ordered this.
First off it looks nice. For my painting, it looks just right. BUT! This frame is pretty flimsy and cheaply made for a frame that is almost $50. It had a lot of self assembly for the $$. The gold paint is slathered on so that is barely covers only the front, visible part of the frame. There is no glass, this frame has plexiglass instead, which you have to peel film off of. The matting that this frame comes with, I would not use on any of my projects, it's not exactly the nice kind that looks polished. Also, you are gonna have to attach the hardware that comes with the frame, to hang your project. And you are attaching the hardware to the backing which is straight up cardboard. Normally, I wouldn't mind doing all that, nor having plexiglass vs glass, nor the self assembly of the hanging hardware, etc., BUT for the $$, I feel that it shouldn't require so much work on my part and/or the materials could be higher quality.
Such a beautiful frame! Looks gorgeous and expensive, and I love the matting! Also the “glass” is plastic which I don’t mind at all, because it looks shine and like the deal thing. Also kept the package light, and ensured it traveled well! I will say that the 1 downside is that the company sends inconvenient hardware to install this: they sent parts that just really don’t work the best, when they should be sending a simple sawtooth hanger. Hopefully Craig Frames reads this review, and starts sending their frames with one of those!! Overall, great frame, great value.
The frame is quite lovely for the price. Some of the other reviews say it looks cheap. Personally I don’t think so. It’s not a super ornate or thick frame, it’s a thin frame so it can’t compare to the heavier frames. Again, for the price, this is a great value. I have other framed pictures, artwork, cross stitched pieces, that I’ve paid several hundreds of dollars to have framed and this obviously is not in the same category as those. However, this is a very pretty frame, it’s perfectly made, not lopsided or wobbly and loose like other cheaper frames I’ve bought. The “glass” is acrylic but there’s a bunch of tiny demons…I mean children in my house, and this is in a room they’re frequently in so there’s no worries the little monsters will break it. The hanging hardware comes with it. Someone complained that it needs a sawtooth hook but personally I prefer picture wire. It’s much easier to get the picture hanging straight and looks rather more professional on the back when hanging with wire. I would absolutely purchase another of these frames should I ever have the need.