7342円 【国内正規品】Dayton Audio SD215A-88 20cm DVC サブ ウーファー 4Ω PS-SWF-D01 家電&カメラ オーディオ ホームオーディオアクセサリ DVC,20cm,家電&カメラ , オーディオ , ホームオーディオアクセサリ,/flocculable344454.html,SD215A-88,ウーファー,PS-SWF-D01,Audio,サブ,www.koepota.jp,7342円,4Ω,【国内正規品】Dayton 国内正規品 ブランド品 Dayton Audio SD215A-88 20cm 4Ω PS-SWF-D01 サブ DVC ウーファー DVC,20cm,家電&カメラ , オーディオ , ホームオーディオアクセサリ,/flocculable344454.html,SD215A-88,ウーファー,PS-SWF-D01,Audio,サブ,www.koepota.jp,7342円,4Ω,【国内正規品】Dayton 7342円 【国内正規品】Dayton Audio SD215A-88 20cm DVC サブ ウーファー 4Ω PS-SWF-D01 家電&カメラ オーディオ ホームオーディオアクセサリ 国内正規品 ブランド品 Dayton Audio SD215A-88 20cm 4Ω PS-SWF-D01 サブ DVC ウーファー

国内正規品 ブランド品 Dayton Audio SD215A-88 百貨店 20cm 4Ω PS-SWF-D01 サブ DVC ウーファー

【国内正規品】Dayton Audio SD215A-88 20cm DVC サブ ウーファー 4Ω PS-SWF-D01


【国内正規品】Dayton Audio SD215A-88 20cm DVC サブ ウーファー 4Ω PS-SWF-D01


Dayton Audio SD215A-88 20cm DVC サブ・ウーファー 4Ω。「Dayton Audio」は、コストパフォーマンスの高いオーディオ製品を数多く生み出しているアメリカのブランドです。

【国内正規品】Dayton Audio SD215A-88 20cm DVC サブ ウーファー 4Ω PS-SWF-D01

Es un buen woofer. Tiene muy buen acabado y el sonido es bueno. Funciona bien hasta una gama de frecuencias de 70~80Hz, más allá de esta frecuencia rebervera y hace un ruido molesto.Se nota al conectar la segunda bobina que aumenta el rendimiento. Aunque solo conectando un bobinado, funciona muy bien.El interior del imán por su parte central es hueco, por lo que también suena por la parte trasera. Esto Se puede aprovechar para canalizar la caja donde se aloje el altavoz y obtener más rendimiento.Como inconvenientes, tiene mucho más fondo que otros altavoces de graves de 8".
Used them as a replacement for my aged woofers in my home theater system 3 ways. They handle the bass well and sound excellent.
UPDATE [Four Year's later 7/2020]:Still going strong, still using almost every day, OEM amp doing just fine; nothing has changed!UPDATE [Two Year's later 7/2018]:I have had this Dayton subwoofer installed for nearly two full years, and its been smooth sailing. Very happy with the purchase, as well as its performance. Still sounds as great as the day I installed iy, and the old Mark Levinson amplifier seems to still kick butt when playing at any volume. Keep it low for general background music when going grocery shopping with your mother, or crank it up loud enough you have to almost yell to talk to your buddies riding in the back. It'll do its job aplomb with no sweat. Yes, if you jack up the "Bass" EQ on the stereo too much it will distort by reaching its maximum excursion. Otherwise if you're mildly sane about your listening habits it should be perfectly adequate. Heck the dummy writing this review in his twenties who listens to generic bass-y EDM all the time finds it perfectly suitable. Doesn't even matter if its Buffalo Springfield, Eurythmics, Lil Jon, or Avicii, it will perform as well as the original speaker will. You will not go wrong installing this if your previous subwoofer is acting up in your LS 430.I have attached a rudimentary dBa / Frequency Response graph of the performance of the SD215AA-88 in the LS 430. Take this with a grain of salt since it wasn't using any scientific equipment ( Sound Meter, COLEMETER Decibel Meter Digital Noise Meter Tester Range 30-130dB(A) with LCD Display(Batteries included) ). But it should give a very rough estimate to its capability.UPDATE [8 months+ later]:It's been almost eight months since i replaced the old subwoofer in my vehicle with this Dayton model. That and i've put about 15,000 miles in my LS 430 (i drive lots). Again, it has been flawless in sound reproduction and more importantly (to me at this point) the stock decade-plus old Mark Levinson amplifier in my vehicle has never cracked under the pressure of me turning it up loudly. And i do listen to my stuff at above average volumes. Seriously, if you have a broken LS 430 subwoofer you could either a- spend about 10 bux to fix it with glue (which honestly will probably go bad again since it's still beating beat down by the sun when you drive) or b- spend the $30 to get this and replace it with one as good as the one that came with the vehicle and not worry about it. Or heaven forbid c- pay the ridiculous prices for a new Mark Levinson subwoofer on eBay.[ORIGINAL REVIEW]:Purchased to replace a blown subwoofer in my vehicles rear deck. I purchased this specifically over the recommended Polk db840DVC because the Dayton had the capability to wire for 16 ohm impedance, of which the OEM was rated for as well. Versus the Polk which could only manage 8 ohms with it's dual 4 ohm coils.For about thirty bucks or so it's so far met and exceeded my expectations. It's not quite as musical as an HSU subwoofer for example and exhibits a one-note-wonder type of sound, but I'm willing to forgive that as it's installed in a less-then-ideal place (under the rear window in a small metal cavity completely undampened) than for what it's originally intended for (a properly made and designed subwoofer enclosure).All in all im satisfied with its performance. It gets QUITE loud even for my tastes, and thankfully the stock amplifier (of over 13 years) seems to be able to power it without breaking much of a sweat. Enough to rattle my center mirror at least.PS: while not a 100% drop in replacement for the LS 430 subwoofer, you can install this without cutting, drilling, or otherwise modifying anything to the car beyond the stock two-piece plastic frame that houses the OEM subwoofer. The difference being that the two plastic frame assemblies that are used to hold the OEM sub is configured differently. I didn't take note of how it was originally oriented, but right now both frames are above the subwoofer opening, pushing down on the Dayton subwoofer frame. This also means that the screw mounts are higher above than original. But they are still long enough to screw down the plastic frame and hold the Dayton sub in place without much issue. No gluing, no cutting or anything (i didnt have any silicone or material to do so, but i might have done so if i did just to be safe). Also basic soldering skills are required to connect fresh new wires to the OEM power connector as well as to wire the sub correctly.






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