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Rock of メーカー公式 新着セール Ages .. Hymns

Rock of Ages Hymns ..


Rock of Ages Hymns ..

Rock of Ages Hymns ..

again great songs by the best group ever
Over 30 years ago I heard the Oakridge Boys in a small church in Ontario, Canada for the cost of one dollar. They were a Gospel group then and I bought an LP. Eventually they went into secular-country music and have been blessed of the Lord ever since. Hearing this cd was most enjoyable...allowing you to hear how well these boys harmonize together on some rich inspirational gospel tunes. You can't help but walk a little closer with the Lord Jesus as you concentrate on the uplifting words to the songs. Some nice up-tempo songs like ;Have a little talk with Jesus-sung by Joe Bonsal....and theres a great 'railway' song [I forget the title]....where they refer to the great 'engineer' [God]....and how you have to keep your hands on the throttle and your eyes on the up-tempo number that I've played many times while driving....sung most likely by Duane Allen. William Lee Golden [the long white bearded gentleman] sing some touching slow old-tyme gospel faves. I'll tell you something...when the Oaks were younger and putting out album covers William Lee Golden was to me one ofthe sharpest dressers in the group.. When he went with the long white bearded ozark-look I luved it and to me he was always the coolest of the lot... Now....that rich bass voice you hear on these songs is sung by Richard Sterban who I believed had the deepest bass voice in 4 part harmony...until 2 yrs ago near my town I heard a bass singer in a catholic church that wowed me...and I thought... ''he may be even deeperthan Richard Sterban.''While I sang with rock musicians in my teens when I saw and heard the Oaks I thought 'this is the life for me'....''I wanted to be an Oakridge Boy...and practiced on their albums..but though I had started a spiritual walk I had much pride and growing to do as I look withhindsight....and to be up on stage singing to the Lord you pretty well have to be 'chosen' for this....and each of the Oaks of course werebrought together by God and they have remained devoted all their lives and career. Joe Bonsall who sings the higher alto in the group has written a book as well as Richard I believe. I've seen the Oaks live at a festival near Detroit and God willing would love to see them again.People have told me I have a 'voice' and finally I seem to be walking with God in humility....maybe I'll put together a 4 part harmony group.....and my first member hopefully is that bass singer I heard in that catholic church.Here's the chorus to that railway song [from memory while driving]BLESSED SAVIOUR THY WILL GUIDE USTIL WE REACH THAT BLISSFUL SHORWHERE THE ANGELS WAIT TO JOIN USIN THY PRAISE FOREVERMORE.
We have just received this CD and have already played it twice. Some fantastic harmonies especially on " Hold to Gods Unchanging Hand" and " Life's Railway to Heaven " highly recommended.
A wonderful CD. The Oaks always deliver. Some might think it's a rather conservative delivery, but considering the selection of songs, I think it's a wise choice to sing them "without too much fancy rock'n roll", because i find that in this instance the songs should tell the story - so I find it relaxing and inspiring to listen to this CD.
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