IZOD メーカー在庫限り品 13z0063 WomensシルクWashピケポロ 8161円 IZOD 13z0063 WomensシルクWashピケポロ 服&ファッション小物 レディース トップス 8161円 IZOD 13z0063 WomensシルクWashピケポロ 服&ファッション小物 レディース トップス IZOD メーカー在庫限り品 13z0063 WomensシルクWashピケポロ IZOD,13z0063 WomensシルクWashピケポロ,/Darryl19477.html,服&ファッション小物 , レディース , トップス,www.koepota.jp,8161円 IZOD,13z0063 WomensシルクWashピケポロ,/Darryl19477.html,服&ファッション小物 , レディース , トップス,www.koepota.jp,8161円

IZOD メーカー在庫限り品 感謝価格 13z0063 WomensシルクWashピケポロ

IZOD 13z0063 WomensシルクWashピケポロ


IZOD 13z0063 WomensシルクWashピケポロ


6.5 oz。, 96、4、ポリウレタンピケ、現代的なシルエット、クラシックなIzodのスタイリング、ストレッチ、更新テープドシーム付き;前立てIZOD右袖にロゴの;

IZOD 13z0063 WomensシルクWashピケポロ

Be aware, I thought this color was closer to white and it is closer to beige. I was disappointed at first, but since my Mother looks good in this color, I will give it to her for her birthday. It is still an excellent buy.
I love these shirts! I had one that was given to me as a gift because it was too small for my friend. It's an xxl so, yes, it shrinks if you dry it! I wear a Large to Extra large in women's shirts and an 8 short in pants. My shoulders are thick amp; broad amp; I knew when I bought this shirt what it would do. I give it a 4 because it shrinks but once it shrinks it's good amp; will become a favorite. It's a very comfortable and nice looking shirt. It does not cling to you like some fitted ones do. It's just what I wanted.
I like Izod golf shirts for their fit, comfort, material and colors. I have tried a lot of other brands, but always come back to Izod. I recommend this product.

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