/Bice621063.html,14175円,Hisonic,www.koepota.jp,楽器・音響機器 , 管・吹奏楽器 , 木管楽器,Series,Bbオーケストラクラリネットケース付き,2610,Signature 14175円 Hisonic Signature Series 2610 Bbオーケストラクラリネットケース付き 楽器・音響機器 管・吹奏楽器 木管楽器 14175円 Hisonic Signature Series 2610 Bbオーケストラクラリネットケース付き 楽器・音響機器 管・吹奏楽器 木管楽器 Hisonic Signature お買い得 Series Bbオーケストラクラリネットケース付き 2610 Hisonic Signature お買い得 Series Bbオーケストラクラリネットケース付き 2610 /Bice621063.html,14175円,Hisonic,www.koepota.jp,楽器・音響機器 , 管・吹奏楽器 , 木管楽器,Series,Bbオーケストラクラリネットケース付き,2610,Signature

Hisonic Signature お買い得 Series Bbオーケストラクラリネットケース付き 2610 送料無料でお届けします

Hisonic Signature Series 2610 Bbオーケストラクラリネットケース付き


Hisonic Signature Series 2610 Bbオーケストラクラリネットケース付き

Hisonic Signature Series 2610 Bbオーケストラクラリネットケース付き

Plays nice, everything fits together well and for the price is great quality. Bought for myself mainly and my son. Hopefully if something does go wrong they honor the warranty, have never dealt with this company before. Emailed them about registering the product as there was no instructions or links provided and the response back was very informal and has me a little nervous about the company to be honest, but overall the clarinet came packed well, the hard case is nice as well, very cheap, but for the price it's going to protect it more than a soft case would in my opinion. My wife played clarinet in high school and said the tone sounded as she would expect, bought some extra reeds as it only comes with 1.
I asked my daughter's music teacher if he could give me some suggestions on which clarinet to get for her and I chose this one. I brought it in for him to look at. He assembled it and said everything looked good he also played it and said that the sound was good as well.You will have some difficulties putting it together especially the first time because it has not been broken in and the cork needs needs to have time to absorb grease.CONS:It did not come with any instructions on how to pack or assemble or guides on how to care for the instrument. Which I find extremely important when it comes to musical instruments, they are not cheap and the least they could have done is provided the basic information. Shame on them! Use the first picture as a guide on how to repack your clarinet.I've noticed there has been a repetitive complaint about the latches on the case. As you can see in the second photo it is a very poorly designed locking mechanism and I can completely understand why there are so many complaints regarding this.It came with cork grease one read a pair of white gloves and a weighted cleaning sham. I threw the gloves out they were very poorly made and did not fit properly.If I have any future problems regarding quality, durability, Etc. I will update my review. At this point, overall it appears to be a safe purchase and even with the cons it appears to be a good value for your money .
Purchased for my son. He loved it. Great sound and even sounds better than his school clarinet. Only downside was the case. It is sturdy but he prefers a soft shell case over the hard case that it comes with.





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